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Star Chic Handbags & Boutique was founded in

June 2012. I Decide to start the company so I could stay at home with my kids and also make a living . So Far things have just taken off and is great I get to travel and do boutiques. I meet lots of great people, New friends and customers . I love every minute of it . 

What makes us stand out from the rest is we care about our customers  and do everything ins our power to make sure they are satisfied.

we also are known for if you are looking for a specific Handbag or wallet we can for sure find that handbag or something as close to it as possible. 


We also do our best to keep a great selection that is one thing i hear all the time our great selection and quality.

We pride ourselves on quality not quanity.


We love also to be involved in the community and making a difference and do what we can to help out and give back.




Karen & Ken John, Owners of Star Chic' Handbags & Boutique

Karen John

Owner of Star Chic' Handbags & Boutique

Dixie Fall Shopping Festival Radio Interview & Star Chic Handbags & Boutique

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